D&AD Competition Brief - Skin Cancer

Marketing and Advertising Design | User Interface Design | Publication Design


Develop an idea that not only raises awareness of skin cancer, specifically melanoma, in people of colour around the globe, but also helps to drive diagnosis to allow people to receive the treatments they need.


Emojis have different meaning and certain fruits and vegetables are also associated with intimate areas of the body. Hidden parts of the body are usually ignored when we think of skin cancer because they are covered and do not get sunlight. To make it impossible to see the mole, as research shows people of colour aren’t diagnosed until a later stage, because it’s hard to see moles due to their skin colour. Using photo chromatic pigment in the shape of a mole on the posters highlights the message of touching yourself properly to identify an unusual mole, as the colourless mole on the poster changes to a darker shade when exposed to sun. To make the idea more interactive, we had used a scratch technique on the magazine to reveal the message. In social media post, we had played with idea of showing sexual messages but when they swipe into the post they get caught with a more serious topic. We have done this by making the first two slides as innuendos by explaining them how to check yourself and the symptoms to look out for. The website not only helps to identify symptoms and preventions but also has stories of people of colour and their experiences with skin cancer and a blog as a platform to communicate with others.

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